Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is it done yet?

Holy mother of all that is good - I am tired. Bone weary pitiful tired.

and I didn't even compete. Poor Prissy must be dying.

Today was the easy day - we were at the (FUCKING UNAIRCONDITIONED) gym for almost 11 hours today. It was brutally hot. Prissy had "foundation events" and her team events. Their teams did awesome. The little girls team won 3rd place, and the team with everyone on Acceleration won first. Very exciting. Prissy won 2 first place trophies in Basic and Military marching (it is baton after all) - meaning that she is the best in the entire western United States in her age division in marching - totally and completely impressive.

Tomorrow is the solo and dance twirl individual events. Prissy's solo has the chance of winning her age division - there is only one (maybe two) real competitors in her division. Biggest contest so far this season. Keep your fingers crossed for her. Hopefully it won't be as hot tomorrow - it's incredibly difficult to hold on to a baton when your hands are slick with sweat.

Then, we go home and don't have another baton lesson until - MONDAY! DAMNIT! I thought at least we could get ONE day off. (nationals is 3 weeks away - no rest for the weary.)

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