Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kitten Update

Well - I haven't given an update on Jasmine the Kitten in a few days. So, I thought that I'd attach a few pictures and give an update.

First, she's adjusting well to her new home. She plays almost all the time and sleeps when she's not playing. She loves playing with us when we go to bed - by attacking our feet and legs - it's funny when we're still awake, and not quite so funny when we're trying to sleep. :)

Second, Jasmine and Oreo are the best of friends. The play and cuddle and love each other.

.... and other things? ... I must have caught them in a personal moment... Ummm, I think I captured the first ever lesbian cat-porn.

Kitty 004


Anyway, we purchased a litter robot - which is the neatest thing and it has awesome reviews - even by people I know who swear they are the best things ever. Only, my cats won't use them. I've followed the recommendations on the site, etc, etc, etc... Currently, I have the old litter box next to the litter robot - but I'm not cleaning the old litter box - to try to encourage them to use the robot. But, it's just not working. Anyway, Jasmine hates the dirty litter box and while I was getting ready this morning - she peed in the sink. EWWWW!!!!

But, this evening, just before she started going in her dirty old litterbox I put her in the robot and she went both pee and poop! Huzzah! I never thought that cat shit would make me so happy. The other cats still not too keen on the robot - they'd rather stand in filth than go in the nice clean litter. stupid cats.

Here are a few other damn cute non-porn pictures of Jasmine.

Kitty 007

Kitty 005

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