Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Crap

Tonight, I'm feeling restless, irritable and discontent. Don't know why really. I have just a bunch of nothingness to update on:

  • I used my serger for the first time tonight. Got it threaded and everything. It sewed beautifully. However, I realized the stuff that I sewed last night, I sewed it incorrectly and and I have to start over (from cutting out the pattern) on one part - it irritates me to no end.

  • I have a headache, itchy burning eyes and wheeziness - all due to the huge numbers of California Wildfires. The air is all hazy and it smells like a camp fire outside. Not so great.

  • Jasmine rocks my world. She is just absolutely the coolest kitten ever. Seriously. She is so sweet and fun to play with. Oreo absolutely loves her. They play all the time and Oreo likes to bathe her.

baton 004

  • Here is a picture of Prissy in her solo costume. We were outside after she performed while we were waiting for awards.

baton 006

  • Here she is after solo awards:

baton 032

  • Here is a picture of Bubba because I don't want to leave him out:

Kitties 019

  • We got a Litter Robot - it seems WAY cool - but not one of the three cats will use it yet. I'm hoping they will warm up to it in a few days.
  • I'm WAY behind on my blog reading and blog responses. It's just been too hectic. We figured it out - and Prissy had 39 hours of baton last week. THIRTY NINE hours. Now, that is highly unusual. Usually it's 2.5 hours a week spread over two days. But, she had regionals and baton camp - so it was excessive. But, that is like a full time job - add my REAL full time job and just other mommy stuff - I was damn busy last week. I'd like to have a day to do nothing (actually - Saturday - we've got NOTHING! I absolutely cannot wait.)

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Anonymous said...

Don't despair. Check out page 5 of the manual for some tips to get them to adopt it.


Don't clean the old one and pretty soon the Litter Robot will be their box of choice as it will always be clean. Sometimes people have had success moving from litter from the old box (with clumps) so they get the idea...

Good luck.