Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Step Closer to a Black Belt

Holy crap it's been a long day.

Instead of boring you with the details - it had to do something like attending a meeting from home, getting Prissy ready and rushing Prissy around to get her to the places where other people could take her to a baton camp 2 hours away (into the Bay Area.) Then, rushing to work then just working, then rushing home to get ready for our Taekwondo testing, then testing and having to rush out a little bit early so I could drive another 45 minutes to pick Prissy up from the people who brought her back from baton camp. It's almost 10pm and we're finally home. I bored you with the details right?

Anyway - TESTING! WE PASSED!!! Hubby and I are now officially Brown Belt Decided's. And Bubba - BUBBA? He's now a black belt recommended. That means he will test for his black belt at the next testing session. I'm so excited for him. He's been working on this for a little over 3 years. I suck and have no pictures because we had to get out of there before the testing actually ended. DOH! But, that's ok. I got some video of Bubba that I may or may not post - depends if I feel like it. :)

Hubby and I have 3 more belts before we are able to test for our black belt. So, in about a year we will probably be testing (might be a little less.) But, we are one step closer.


White Shadow said...

I think what you just wrote the definition of a hectic mom. :) I totally know how you feel - we used to have to do the same thing for Little League. Congrats to all of you on passing your tests, you guys are gonna rock.

Kim said...

COngrats! I have three belts from a while ago and haven't been back in about ten year! I hope to get there one day! nclm

DC said...

Congratulations on the brown belts! That's a huge accomplishment!! :)