Monday, June 9, 2008

So Tired

Got up super early (4am) and got to the airport - got through security (even with the single lady with toddler triplets right in front of me - she had to take them out of the stroller and have them walk through. They were maybe 18 - 22 months old. So, they just took off - it was like "Babies Gone Wild." I just simply can't imagine how hard and exhausting it would be traveling by yourself with 3 babies.)

Anyway - got to Anaheim - got the rental car - got to the convention center - talked to so.many.vendors. But, my schedule just worked out completely. Which was weird. Then, left the convention center - returned the car - went back through security and back on the airplane.

Not a single problem - it was great. Finished my book. Finished the episode of Weeds I was working on and even finished the Sunday crossword puzzle.

However, at the conference - each booth has some "hook" this year the big hooks were Wii Fit, Wii games and Guitar Hero. They are there to draw in people to play them and then they make you attend a demo. The issue was that it was the vendors that were playing the games - in every single booth. Every one. It just shocked me. Aren't these people paid to sell stuff instead of play games meant for people they are trying to sell to? Whatever, they were people that weren't bugging me. :)

Only complaint - my ears need to pop.


Sam said...

Weeds new season starts next week!!!! OMFGWTFBBQ!!! Can you tell I am excited?

Juicy said...

Yeah, that is really ridiculous about those people playing their own games. You'd think they would realize why they are there. I went into a clothing store the other day and the 2 girls working there were picking out their own clothes and couldn't be bothered to get me a dressing room. Grrrr!

Glad everything mostly went smoothly.

(here from NCLM)

xavier2001 said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!! And I'll have to investigate what this Weeds thing is, I'm a tv junkie and have never heard of it!

Momma Mary said...

Here from NCLM.

The whole airport thing gets me. I don't get how they thought that 3 kids that age could go through by themselves. They made my 1 year old go through because 'he can walk.' Dude, just because he CAN doesn't mean he WILL! He's ONE! :) Sorry for the rant! Glad you had a decent trip though!

Deb said...

I got the Weeds Season II disc 1 in my mail (netflix) and watched it yesterday. Luv, luv, luv that show.
New here from NCLM - glad you had an uneventful trip.