Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost There....

I haven't talked much about Taekwondo recently. This past testing completely stressed me out. There was minimal time between testings, and we traveled to Italy during that time, and my work life was pretty much in chaos. To make matters a little more hectic, testing was last Saturday, which was supposed to entail going to two soccer games, a friends open house, Taekwondo testing and a Halloween party. We lucked out because it rained like crazy and the soccer games were cancelled. So, it all worked out okay.

Anyway, both Hubby and I passed. We are now red-belt decideds. Which is very exciting.

My belt looks orange in the picture, but it's red, trust me. :)
testing 002

Testing went well. Our next testing we will be black belt recommended. Our belt will be half red and half black. Then our next belt is black. So, only two more belts and we will be black belts. Damn, this has been one long journey.

Anyway, I actually plan to go after my 2nd degree. We'll see. :)

Almost there....

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Sam said...

woohoo!! Go you!! Congratulations.