Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Not Even 8am Yet!

Shit! It's not even 8am yet and I'm ready for a Xanax.

Bubba has a class singing-performance-thing coming up for a school assembly. He "volunteered" to be a football player - on Monday. We, of course, do not have any sort of football gear. No pants, no shirts, no helmets. But, I figured I'd look at Walmart this weekend to see if they had any halloween leftovers - and if not, I'd go to the party store. Worst came to worst, we could borrow something from our neighbor that plays football.

HOWEVER, Bubba was getting dressed this morning and he started yelling - "Today is my performance - what did you get me to wear?" What? It's today? TODAY!??!!! "Are you sure Bubba?" "YES! It's today!!! DID YOU FORGET??!!!!" Panic is creaping into his voice.

Shit, shit, shit, shit.... The teacher gives us one day - ONE WORK DAY to prepare for this? WHAT??!!! So, soccer shirt and baseball pants it is - I tell him that he'll look great. Then, I went upstairs and looked in our old costume relics and Bubba wore a Power Ranger costume last year I think. It had muscles. It was quite small, so I cut the top half off of it:

muscle man

And then put his shirt on over it:

football star?

Not too bad right? Especially in just a few minutes? I put new batteries in the camera - took a few pictures and we're off. On time even. I ask Bubba if he wants to take any other clothes and he says no, that he'll just take the "pads" off after the singing. Ok - we're off.

We're walking to school and Bubba says, "I hope it's today... Maybe it's next week sometime..." Oh, he didn't just say that...

The kids play outside before school starts, but I went and talked to his teacher. And no, there is no performance today. It's not until next Tuesday. I think I must have blacked out about then.

Upon coming to, I tell the teacher that I'll go home and get him some other clothes. *sigh*

When I get home - I see the kitten peeing on Prissy's baton bag. WTF?!!! "What are you doing?!!!" I couldn't deal with that at the moment - I pack Bubba's clothes up and head back to school. I get there and the students are lining up to go to class and Bubba says, "Did you pack me my class T-shirt? We have a fieldtrip today and we have to wear our class t-shirts." Of course, I did not. I told him to suck it - 'cause I'm a good mom like that.

The End.


Sarcastic Mom said...

First I was going to comment that the outfit was damn good for last minute... now, I'm just thinking you need a good margarita. ;-)

Momisodes said...

You totally did an awesome job throwing that together. I'm so sorry it all unraveled after :(

I think I would have said the same thing.

Sam said...

That makes me SO crazy. Chicken still does it and he's in 7th grade.