Monday, November 24, 2008

I Guess I'll Try This Too

Ok -

It's almost time to hit the annual diet. Here is how things go:

  • After Thanksgiving I hit it hard and diet like crazy (taking off for Christmas and New Years)
  • I drop a good amount of weight (but NEVER EVER to my goal weight) and I'm looking decent by March-ish where my pants are all too big.
  • I maintain through about July.
  • I start creeping up through August, September, October and November I'm back to where I was.
  • Rinse and Repeat

I usually do Weight Watchers. This year, I got a GoWear Fit device that sits on my tricep that measures how many calories I burn (it seems surprisingly accurate.) I got it from Amazon - it's cheaper.

Anyway, I also signed up for a Sparkpeople account (which is free) - and so far - that seems REALLY REALLY COOL! Things are broken into small goals, and you earn "points" for doing certain things. I'm seriously addicted to earning POINTS so, this might be a good thing for me. There are virtual trophies! And shiny things added to my page! I haven't started my official "diet" yet. I'm still eating bad, but I've started exercising again. It actually feels quite good. I'm really sore though. :)

So - my goal is to

  1. Hit my goal weight by next May.
  2. Keep at my goal weight through December.

dang... seems like a daunting challenge right now.

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