Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Consequence

So, yesterday I posted about not knowing what to do about Bubba. But, we made a decision on what to do. Clearly taking things away, and normal punishment has not worked completely.

So, we decided to do a combination of things. First, Bubba cannot have any candy for 30 days (days = number of candies he snuck upstairs.) Second, he cannot play computer games unless they have educational value for 30 days. So, that is his punishment, but in addition to that, every day he has to write about three choices he made - what they were are if they were good choices or bad choices. I want him to know the difference between right and wrong. I want him to realize that HE makes these choices. No one else makes these decisions. I want him to review what some of his choices are on a daily basis.

Here were today's (in his words):

  • good: leving Prissy alone when she told me to. they were going to do girl stuf. I didn't burp in her face. (Prissy had a friend over today - and I guess he left her alone when she asked and resisted to burp in her face - this definately is a good choice.)
  • Bad: I didn't give Prissy toilet paper. She had no toilet paper when she was going to the bathroom. (definately a bad choice - or at least not a very nice choice.)
  • Good: I didn't sneak any candy. I don't like penut butter. It tast bad. It makes my dangely thing in the back of my mouth feel all funny. (Ok, Prissy is horribly allergic to peanuts. We don't keep it around the house, but occasionally he gets a butterfinger or something at school. This concerns me a little bit and means a trip back to the doctor.)

So, we'll see how this new discipline method goes.

On a different note - soccer games today. Bubba scored two goals and had a great assist on another. His team is still undefeated (they won today 8 to 0). They are so good. Prissy played goalie for the second half of her game and had several amazing stops. No one scored on her. They ended up tied 1 to 1.

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