Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Little Winners

OMG! So, awhile back, my kids had a fundraiser that sold various wrapping papers and other crappola. My parents and inlaws bought stuff and we bought a LOT of stuff so the kids could reach their 10 item goal and be put in the school drawings.

Well, a mom from the PTA called me this evening and it turns out that BOTH kids won something. They both REALLY wanted the Limo ride and lunch with the Principal. Well - Bubba won that. I told him and he was SO EXCITED!!!!! Until I told Prissy that she won an iPod nano. Then, he threw a major fit. A.MAJOR.FIT.

He's totally bummed that he didn't win the Nano (which is a pretty awesome prize actually.) The only bummer is that we were planning on getting her a Nano for Christmas. Oh well - I guess we'll do something different for her now.

I am also excited that Bubba got a Limo ride, I think that will be really cool (I've never ridden in a Limo before.) I'm also glad that both kids won something. It would have been such a pain if Prissy won the iPod and Bubba didn't win anything. After talking with Bubba - we realized he didn't even know what an iPod nano was - but he DOES know what a Limo ride is. Ungrateful little stinker.

So, my kids are winners today. Yay!

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