Sunday, November 9, 2008

Good and Bad Choices - Day 2

Today here were Bubba's choices (his spelling gets bad when he's in a hurry)

Good: helping prissy put away her close. I didn't do it a week ago. I was riding my bike. I like riding my bike. It is fun.

Hmmm.... He helped Prissy put her clothes away today - but I have no idea what that has to do with his bike. Must be lacking a little focus.

Bad: hitting prissy because she made my elbow worse. Now it stings like crazey. I got it from riding my bike. I was going to fast. And I feel on concreat.

Blaming the sister - that is a bad choice. Prissy and Bubba were playing catch and she threw it a little to hard and he dove to catch it and hit his scraped elbow that he got while riding his bike. So, he hit her. Not a good choice. But, the bigger issue is his reasoning that it was ok to hit her. Hmmm... interesting.

Bad: fiting withe prissy all day. She ceped on hurting me. I wanded to watch a show and she wanded to watch anoter show. I wanted to play a game she wanded to play another game.

This is really interesting. He really didn't fight with prissy all day. They actually played very well together for most of the day. I think he was actually making this one up. And it's funny that he says she kept on hurting him. She didn't. He fell down once and bumped his sore elbow. It just happened to be right before he had to write his 3 items.

This is sort of interesting to see little bits into his mind.

Hubby is traveling and will be gone most of the week. I finished the Twilight saga and now I almsot don't know what to do with myself.

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