Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Pictures

Here are a few random pictures that I have taken (or had taken) in the last couple of weeks:

This is at Bubba's soccer party. They went bowling. This was an interesting shot with the bowling ball in the air - they're supposed to be airborne - right?
random 004

Jasmine has it in the bag:
random 005

Here is a picture of our Thanksgiving table yesterday.
random 006

Yummmm Turkey:
random 007

The only thing that brings all three kitties together is a little bit of leftover turkey:
random 009

Here are a few of our family pictures that we took last weekend:

She's getting more and more beautiful by the day:

Oh, we're gonna have trouble with this one when he gets older.

So - there is my family, and a little glimse into our life these last few weeks.

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Sam said...

what a fab bunch of photographs. We never had professional family photos taken, I think that it is more the American thing to do!