Sunday, November 2, 2008


Today, I went to Walmart for my standard weekly grocery shopping trip. I started going to Walmart within the last year to try to save money. And I really do save a LOT of money - easily $100 bucks a week. The place is always crowded, and it always sucks a bit of my soul away, but I needed to save some money so I could afford to pay my maid. *laugh* Duh!

Anyway, today, the place was absolutely PACKED. I walked in and there were Christmas trees and Christmas decorations EVERYWHERE! Holy crap. The shopping season has begun. I got all my stuff and all the checkout lanes had 5-10 people each. I picked a line and waited and waited and waited. I finally pulled out my iPhone and played Solitaire for awhile. Then, Hubby called and told me that he needed Cheer. Ummm. After waiting almost 20 minutes in line and only being 2 people away from getting to check out, I decided that I would just pick it up somewhere else. I wasn't getting out of that line for anything.

Dang, I'm thinking that maybe Walmart grocery shopping during the months of November and December is not such a good idea. I don't think I can tolerate standing in line for 30 minutes every week just for my groceries. (On a side note - Walmart stock is a good idea right now - when the economy sucks - Walmart stock goes up! So, as a Walmart shareholder - please keep going to your local Walmart - we really do appreciate it! The more you all shop there - the less I need to. 'k thx bye!)

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Shyanne said...

Interesting..! I used to be a WalMart shopper. I loved walking down the aisles looking at all the cheap consumer goods for sale.