Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the Grindstone

Well - back to reality. After 2 weeks off it's back to work, back to Taekwondo, back to all of our standard routines. I don't think I was really ready for it.

Regardless, it's what happened today.

I had to take Bubba back to the ENT today for a follow up on his gravely/hoarse voice. It's better than it was, but it's certainly not healed. The doctor told us to continue on the Prilosec and to continue with speech therapy. He also said that he'd never be an opera singer. Which is actually okay with me. After his appointment I took him out to lunch and we had a nice conversation about "Make a Wish." He wanted me to donate to Make a Wish (the BK deal right now.) So, I did - and he thought that _HE_ would get his wish answered. Ummm... No......

Work was work. Lots of meetings. Lots of talking. I came in happy and relaxed and left stressed out. Pretty typical. I took Bubba to taekwondo and I went to taekwondo after his class. It was good.

Now I'm home. It's actually a bit sad that when I'm in my routine - I've got nothing exciting to write about. It's just blah blah blah blah.

On a positive note - I love my iphone even more now with the 2.0 update. OMG - It actually does everything. Need a remote - oh, your iphone can do that. Need a radio that configures itself to your desires - Yup - the phone can do that too. Games - oh yes! Want to find a restaurant near where you are right this second? Yeah - it has that feature too. I got this nifty little todo list thing that has been rocking my world. Not since my bigass Franklin planner has this list-crazy woman found something that can do what this sucker can do. Love my iphone with all my heart.

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