Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It Snuck Up on Me

I had a blog post idea that I really want to write about - but I just can't get it started. I guess it could be called bloggers block. :D

The kids summer camp ends next Wednesday and their new school doesn't start until a week and a half later. Hubby and I have decided to switch off working from home during that time. Man, that is really going to suck.

I figured I would post a few pictures - because I've got some to share:

Here is a picture of the kitties. They so love each other. They are almost always together. They play alot and they love each other a lot as well. Oreo spends much of her time cleaning Jasmine. It makes me really happy that they get along. Pookie (my OLD cat) doesn't really want anything to do with either of them. I've now got two kitties using the litter robot - but Pookie is still refusing. I think. At least someone isn't using it all the time.

July 269

kitties 002

Ok - from kitties to kiddies. Here are a few of my favorite shots from Disneyworld.

Here is a picture from a small hike while geocaching on our last day:
July 257

See the castle in the back?
July 177

That's the epcot ball in the back:
July 164

Pot heads:
July 163

The terra cotta army and their leaders:
July 159

Don't mess with this one:
July 158

Mickey Rocks:
July 154

Back off Chip! He's mine!:
July 144

My nerdy professors on stage:
July 132

July 133

AHHH!!!! It's just like in Indiana Jones - but with the Epcot ball!!!
July 130

Bubba wants to be a toy army solider now:
July 118

Potato Heads:
July 117

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