Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We made it home!!!! My gawd has this been a long two weeks.

I think what I missed most was my computer - isn't that sad? Then, I missed the kitties, and then my bed and pillows.. The one bad thing is that the mess is still here. OMG - my house is such a freaking disaster zone. I should have stayed home and just organized.

Anyway, it's only 10pm here, but it's 1am on my internal clock. I'm bushed and man the flights were long. I'm just way glad to be home. My shower and bed await!

I'll try to upload videos tomorrow and I will update on several little things.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! And we were just starting to have fun here...

Can't we send you back for a few more weeks ??

Sam said...

YAY! Finally you're back. I've been waiting very patiently, too. On with the videos of twirling!!