Wednesday, July 23, 2008

From the mouths of kids

This bounced the first time I sent it saying my carrier wasn't
supported. It's worked the rest of the week. WTF?


> We were walking yesterday and a Muslim (?) woman walked by fully
> dressed in black from head to foot (my gawd she must have been
> sweltering) my son states very very loudly, "Look Mommy!!!! A
> NINJA!!!!". He was very excited. I was a bit mortified.
> This morning we were sitting on the bus to the park and next to
> Bubba sits a man with red hair. Bubba looks at him and says, "you
> sure have a lot of freckles". The man says, "I sure do."
> We were caught in another rainstorm today and wore our ponchos and
> it passed. Just now, we came to the hotel to drop some stuff off
> and it started massively pouring with lightening and thunder, so we
> are relaxing for bit until it passes. I think we are all looking
> forward to going home tomorrow. Even if to get away from the rain
> and humidity. I miss my dry acrid air - even if it's filled with
> smoke.
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