Saturday, July 5, 2008

For the Record

Ok -

I'm stating this officially on my blog - so it means I have to follow through - right?

Dang it! (That is Bubba's favorite saying.)

Prissy and I have decided that we are going to train and run a 5K. I definately need to do some sort of exercise and I totally need some sort of goal or motivation. So, I'm making this a double whammy - I'm involving Prissy for multiple reasons.

  1. If I tell her we are working towards it together - it makes me want to stick to that committment to her.
  2. It'd be good to have some alone time with her.
  3. It would show her that exercise is fun (gah!) and try to be somewhat of a role model for her.

But - it's just one more thing to add to the to-do list. I pulled a training program from Cool Running Site - The Couch to 5K Running plan. Instead of 8 weeks - we may try to make this a 16 week program - just doing each week 2 times. I don't want to push Prissy too hard too fast (but kids are pretty quick to increase in stamina), so, w're just going to take it week by week.

Does anyone want to join us in this endeavor? You don't have to have a kid to run with - you can run by yourself - but we can encourage each other. It's just more motivation for us all to stick to it. Post a comment if you are interested.


Kristine Taylor said...

That's an awesome goal! I just did a 5k on July 4th with both of my kids (age 5 and 10). It was my son's first 5K and he did great! Kids are very resilient. :)

Keep me up on how your training is going! My daughter has now done 6 5K races and is begging me to do a 10K now.... ugh. Beware, you may create a monster! But it is such a great bonding activity with your kids. We had a fantastic time on the 4th and I can't wait for them to post the pictures so I can put them online!


Sam said...

I'll hang out on the couch and cheer!