Friday, July 25, 2008

Final Twirling Results

Today I finally got some videos and pictures uploaded. I'm also starting to wade through the massive backlog on Google Reader.

Okay, so for the final stats. A bit of an explanation. There are several different individual events in the USTA baton world.

  • Foundation events (which includes marching and presentation - which is a 30 second solo). This is usually the first thing a twirler does. Prissy did a military march for Nationals and a presentation.
  • Strut - this is a routine done where the twirler is constantly moving. Each step to beat and moving feet left/right/left/right. Prissy did not do this event this year.
  • Two and Three baton - it speaks for itself. Twirler twirls 2 and three batons. Prissy did not do this event this year but really wants to do 2 baton next year.
  • Dance Twirl - this is a routine that is mostly dance with baton.
  • Solo - this is a routine that is mostly about twirling. The twirler stays mostly in the same spot and has to complete several different things - with tosses, fingers, a flat section and a roll section.

Each area has beginning, intermediate, and advanced. After 5 wins, a twirler can no longer do beginning, after 10 wins, a twirler can no longer do intermediate. At nationals, for everything except the foundation events - the advanced is the "national" catagory and it's done by age. The top two twirlers from each age move on to the Divisional Finals. So, the Juvenile finals are for 9-12 year olds (the winners in this area are the top elite twirling atheletes in the nation).

To give you an idea of how many twirlers there were I took this picture at the retreat (which is all the groups):

July 094

With that lengthy explanation out of the way, here is how Prissy did at her first National competition:

  • Beginning Military Marching: 1st place
  • Intermediate Military Marching: 2nd place
  • Advanced Military Marching: 3rd place
  • Advanced Presentation: 5th place

  • Beginning Dance Twirl: 2nd place
  • Intermediate Dance Twirl: 1st place
  • National 9 year old Dance Twirl: 3rd place

  • Intermediate Solo: 1st place
  • National 9 year old Solo: 2nd place (since she placed in the top two - she went on)
  • National Juvenile Solo Finals: 8th place (this was absolutely incredible for her first year)

So, Prissy won 3 first places in all. And went on to the Solo finals. She did absolutely awesome. I'm having a hard time fathoming that I have a nationally ranked daughter. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Here is the video of Prissy's Intermediate Solo (she won 1st in this one and was probably one of the best routines she's ever done. Sorry it's from the back.)

Here is her podium picture - how exciting:
July 083

Here is her Intermediate Dance Twirl that she won first place. She had a weird drop - her two spin went wonky.

Here is the podium picture:
July 067

And here is her solo for finals (it's a bit different from intermediate - it's 30 seconds longer) - she had a silly drop, but all in all she held her own. At least it's from the front.

Here is the podium (she got a $50 bond for this win):
July 087

And a picture of Prissy with some of her awards and her biggest fan:
July 092

And here is a picture of her actual National awards:
July 112

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YAY for videos! She did a great job, go Prissy!!!!