Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh Good Grief...

Today's long meeting at work went very very very well. It was a long day with lots and lots of discussion, but it still went very well. I'm really actually pleased with the extremely positive conversation.

However, I took Prissy's costume to her coach and she hated it.

I simply do not have time to remake the costume. My rhinestones came this evening - but they will go unused on this costume. I have to say that I'm really really devasted right now. Not that she doesn't like it (because clearly it isn't perfect) - but the fact that I gave up my holiday weekend and I've spent almost $200. Now - the money isn't a huge thing - because I probably will make this costume for next year. When I have several months to make it. Just the fact that I've given up everything to finish up the costume and stressed and stressed and stressed and I still don't have a costume and by the way, Nationals? Yeah, it's next week. We fly out on Sunday. And I'm working late every day this week. So, I don't even have time to pick up material. GAH!

Anyway - enough from me this evening. I'm going to go cry... (and no, I'm not depressed - just pissed and stressed.) It shouldn't be like this - costumes should have been decided by JANUARY!

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Sam said...

I'm sorry that SUCKS! Stupid coach.