Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm dreading dreading dreading dreading this week. This is the week that my personal life and my work life will collide in ways that have never been seen in all of my work-life balance issues.

My New Italian Boss comes in (actually is probably in the states as we speak) and we have a week long meeting with him. One of my employees is hosting a BBQ at his house Tuesday - which is awesome. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with him the rest of the week however.

As I've been talking about for quite some time - we're going across the country to Florida for the United States Twirling Association National competition - we leave next Sunday. Prissy has a lesson tomorrow evening and then an open house for friends and family and new recruits on Wednesday (which I may force NIB into coming to). She also has a day long field trip to alcatraz on Tuesday (which is also the day that her coach wants to work with her - not going to happen). Additionally? I have to finish Prissy's costume - I still haven't received the freaking rhinestones yet. Holy fuck.. I'm will need to hand-glue 1500 rhinestones in less than a week. At least it's sewn and it's damn pretty.

Oh yeah - the programming class I'm taking - I'm totally behind on. I should have done those extra lessons over the weekend. (damn thee wine!)

So - I still need to find someone to take care of the cats. I've got to schedule for the pool guy to come out and teach me how to care for the pool. Ummm... I'm in meetings all week? Oh yeah, the spa broke about 2 months ago and the fracking part just came in and they want to install it on Tuesday... Ummmm... I'm in meetings all week?

And - I'm really dreading the meetings this week.

So, I'm dreading this week - the one super positive Rainbows at the end? I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks. Now THAT I'm not dreading!

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