Sunday, August 17, 2008

Active Day

It has been quite the active day for me today. Got up at a relatively normal hour and Prissy and I went on our 5K training run. We're on week 3 now and we have such a good time. It's just a really nice time for us to spend together just talking. But, also, we actually are getting into shape together, which is super neat too. We found the 5K we are going to do - it's called the Veggie Chase and Kids Run - it's specifically geared towards kids. It's also a little weird - where you have to chase these people dressed as vegetables around or something - but it's a kid and family friendly 5K. Perfect for our first race. It's 8 weeks from today. So, we'll have plenty of time for training (we're already 3 weeks into our 8 week program - so it'll probably work out just perfect.) So far, it's working out really nicely.

Then, Prissy and I did our grocery shopping (I'm still going to Walmart - I just can't pay the high prices for the exact same food anymore.) But, it took us TWO HOURS!!! I'm getting back into our routines and doing my meal planning and all that good stuff, it just took us a really long time. Then, we went geocaching this afternoon and did a serious hike. I was afraid it was going to be too hot, but it was in the 90s today - which is cooler than it has been. We got pretty hot, but it was still quite a bit of fun (and we found the geocache.) I've currently found 194 geocaches. YEEHAW! I've almost broken 200.

Then the kids went swimming while I grilled a meatloaf. Yup - that's what I said - I grilled a meatloaf. Everyone has been craving a meatloaf and I didn't want to have the oven on for an hour - so I wrapped the sucker up in aluminum foil and grilled it. I over cooked it just a touch - but it was still wonderful. No leftovers for meatloaf sandwiches this week. :( We ate it all.

Now, I'm just gearing up for work tomorrow - I'm working from home again. I think I have close to 8 meetings that I'll need to take on the phone. The kids have one last day before school starts and tomorrow is also meet the teacher day. I'm really excited to talk to their new teachers. So, tomorrow will be really really busy.

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