Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School Pictures

Today the kids went back to school. Prissy was really really nervous. Bubba was very excited. We dropped them off just as they were lining up to go into their classrooms.

I went home and was SO FREAKING BUSY with work. I blinked and it was lunch time. I went and got some lunch, blinked again and it was time to pick up Bubba. Blinked a third time and it was time to pick up Prissy. I almost got everything I needed to get done done today - but, I was juggling about 3 or 4 things at a time. (IMing someone, while emailing someone else, while trying to get a snack for a child... Ugh.. )

Anyway, here are some recent pictures. (actually, here are my standard first day of school pictures - same place every year.)

Here is Bubba - he just looks so big in this picture:
backtoschool 025

Here is Prissy looking very nervous:
backtoschool 024

The kids had an awesome first day of school. Both kids made a new friend. Prissy's new friend looks JUST LIKE HER! It's almost freaky. They walked out of the classroom just chatting away like they'd been friends forever. I'm really happy for her. Bubba also made a new friend and he is also really excited.

I can't tell you how many parents I talked to (so even _I_ made friends. :))

So, they are both excited about tomorrow.

And just because - here are a few pictures of the kitties taken from over the weekend:
backtoschool 030

Pure Love (Oreo and Jasmine absolutely adore each other):
backtoschool 028

AHHH!!! IT'S ROLLING OVER ME!!! (not really - it's a little kitty house and her body is inside of it. :))
backtoschool 023

Prissy and Jasmine
backtoschool 015

Bubba and Jasmine
backtoschool 013

"Hey - there is a kitty in this bag!"
backtoschool 005

Bubba and Oreo
backtoschool 004

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