Sunday, August 3, 2008

Training for a 5K

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but Prissy and I are training for a 5K. Our plan is to run a 5K race together on Thanksgiving day (there are lots in the area). So, we have some time. But, this is our 2nd week training - we went today and got Prissy some better running shoes. Her current tennis shoes are pretty much falling apart and she has complained of her heels hurting. So, clearly it's time for some better shoes she can run in.

So, we were going shopping. And hubby mentions that both kids need cleats - soccer does start this week. Dang it! So, we all pile into the car and we go to the local soccer store first. Holy shit people - there were probably 235789 people in the store. Boxes everywhere. Not a single sales person to be found - a line of people waiting out the door to just pay for their clothes and shoes. But, note there was no one at the register. Ugh. I fought my way over to the shoes and took notice of the landscape. There was no way we were going to find anyone to help us for at least an hour, so I told the family that we had to bail out.

After we left, we talked about it and the last 3 years this store has miss fit Bubba on his shoes. Where his shoes were way too small. We ended up buying two pair. And last year his shin-guards were way to small. So, we headed over to Sports Chalet (which I love the name, because it rhymes with my last name and our house is called the McVay Chalet.) We found much cheaper cleats AND backpacks AND running shoes AND shinguards for Bubba. We spent a small fortune but we are set.

However, Hubby and I had a disagreement while at the store. I'm of the opinion that kids get new backpacks every year. Period. Especially if they had "non-expensive" backpacks that are starting to fall apart and totally dingy. If they have nice ones - they might be able to last two years. But, it's part of the fun of going back to school. New crayons, new notebooks, a few new clothes and NEW BACKPACKS! Am I crazy here? Who is normal here? Comments appreciated!


Sam said...

TB would agree with your hubby, but the ladies are correct on this one. New backpack every year is a must. I think it is written in the constitution.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the comments on the Cheerios thing. My sister actually was allergic to wheat, but fortunatley LG isn't.

As far as the backpack thing, if you are buying the LL Bean ones with the lifetime guarantee, then 1 for the school career is fine. If they are cheapies, I don't see anything wrong with them getting a new one every year.