Sunday, August 31, 2008

Band Here We Come!!

Prissy starts band on Friday. She will be playing the clarinet. While I'm SO SUPER EXCITED FOR HER, I'm also really really not looking forward to listening to her practice. I'm also just not at all sure how we will be able to fit it in with everything else. We ended up buying the clarinet - it was actually cheaper to buy a new student clarinet than to rent a used one. This is assuming that she plays for the whole year. Practices are after school twice a week, and they are free, which totally blows me away (we've been paying for EVERYTHING at their previous school.)

So, band... Yeah... Prissy is growing up... I was an orchestra nerd in school (violin player) and I adored it. It was my one and only thing. I definitely wasn't the best, but I was a good player. It was sort of my identity when I was in high school. I played in the pit orchestra for musicals all over Kansas City (including colleges.) I traveled to Europe one summer and played all over in an orchestra.

But, what if she hates it? Will I be sad? But, holy crap - what if she loves it? I'm not sure we have time for lessons and travel and musicals and recitals and performances! And what if I get all weird about it? Music was sort of my thing - and I'm a bit afraid I'll get all bossy and pushy and know-it-all-y. I REALLY wanted her to play violin, but it wasn't an option (however it is for Max in 2 years) - and I think that is probably a very good thing. We put her clarinet together today and I was the only one to make a sound - it was horrible and screechy - but that is about all I could do. If we pulled out a violin, I could play it horribly, but I could still play it. :)

So, this is absolutely new territory for me. I will NOT force her to practice. Everything she does will be her choice.

In my mind - I still want her to favor baton twirling (also something I know nothing about.) She is so amazingly good. But, instead of narrowing down - we are stupidly expanding.

However, we did decide that this year would be her last year in soccer. Next year she would rather play winter softball. Which is fine - she's at least eliminating a sport. (Plus, her daddy is on the softball board of directors - his daughter should at least be playing. :))

Argh... and Yay!!! Only time will tell I suppose.

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