Friday, August 22, 2008

There's a Reason I Don't Have People Over

Today - Prissy brought a friend home from school. It's the first time she's ever done that. She has been oh so ever excited. I picked up Prissy and her friend from school, I will call her Sweet-Pea, and her mom and we came over to the house.

I've been working on cleaning up my house some and it is far far from where I want it, but it's at least presentable. At least the downstairs rooms.

Anyway, Sweet-Pea and her mom walked in and we were greeted by Jasmine and Oreo. Prissy picks up Jasmine and Sweet-Pea pets and and oohs and ahhhs... Then, Prissy picks up Oreo and Sweet-Pea oohs and ahhs. Then, Sweet-Pea picks up Jasmine and she holds her for a bit and then Jasmine jumps down, but claws her way down. With her claws out. On Sweet-Peas arm. And Sweet-Pea started bleeding. A lot. From a 8" double scratch down the back of her arm, right where it hurts the most.


Her mom was right there, which in hindsight was probably better. At least she saw it and knew that it wasn't a rabid angry cat... Holy shit... They had probably been in the house all of 2 minutes before she was bleeding. I'm the best host EVER!

The mom left and the girls (and Bubba) had a good ole time just playing and playing and playing.

I will be you $5 she's not allowed to come over again. I feel horrible...

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Anonymous said...

Not your fault. This is why I don't have cats; they are EVIL!