Friday, August 29, 2008

Mommy of the Year Award on Hold

Prissy has wanted to be president of the United States since she was 4 years old. I keep trying to talk her out of it. She seems like such a sweet girl and I'm afraid that politics will "turn" her. Maybe Supreme Court Justice? Yeah, she could totally do that.

Anyway, one thing the kid has is perseverance. My wonderful and sweet 9 year old daughter totally and completely enjoyed watching the DNC. Right on!

So, I sent her this link: Prissy TheAwesome for President (but I used her real name which is quite unique) I thought it was really cool - and as a technical woman, I really had to investigate just how this was done (I've since figured it out - but it made me scratch my head for a bit.)

Prissy opens up the link and before she can be told that it wasn't real, she starts crying tears of joy. She thinks that there is really a news report about her and that people want to vote for her. I felt so incredibly horrible. Horrible. I told her that it was a computer program and I thought that she would like it. She was fine, but I still felt like a big sack of shit.

So, put the Mommy of the Year Award on Hold. Oh, I wasn't even up for it. Well, I suppose that's all for the best.

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Sam said...

But you tried to support her in her dream, so you get a gold star anyway.