Friday, August 15, 2008

Miss Crankypants

I'm cranky this evening. Very very cranky. This week has not been great. Work has really sucked in general. I can name something every day that has blown. So, I'm glad it's the weekend.

The last two days, I've been working from home while the kids were at home. It's really easy in the morning, then it gets hard. Today - I was super super super busy with work stuff (yet another emergency that I had to deal with) and the kids started snarking at each other. Ugh... After awhile, I just couldn't take it. They are just so mean to each other sometimes. I know that siblings are mean to each other and that it is really important for social development - blah blah blah. But, I wanted to kill them.

Also, Bubba is on a bratty streak. I think he is really really nervous about starting his new school next Tuesday and is just taking it out on us by being rude and disrespectful (he's YELLING at us. Totally not okay). But, the little asshole needs an attitude adjustment and quick - because he might not make it until next Tuesday if it gets much worse. I'm seriously considering banning all Disney TV (Drake and Josh - Suite Life - Hannah Montana - all of the sassy shits.)

Ok - that's all for tonight. It's time for a glass of wine.

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