Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nuthin' Important

I do not have a single thing of importance or interest to write about tonight.

I had a flakey moment today - kids are at home, and I had planned on going into work for an important meeting at 4pm that I needed to run. I scheduled it with hubby, who had to leave work at 2 so he could get home at 3 so I could leave and get to work by 4.

At about 2:45 I was working (outside while the kids were swimming and the music was playing and I was set up with my laptop) and I got a calendar appointment reminder for MY MEETING AT THREE AND NOT AT FOUR!!!! DAMNIT! There is no way I could have gotten to work in 15 minutes and hubby wasn't even home yet. Anyway, I quickly IMed one of my guys to help me out and I ran the meeting from home on the phone. It sucked. With everything going on at work I totally should have been there. Suck.

I've been having too many incidents of flakey-ness over the past few weeks. I need to get my responsible back on. Kids go back to school a week from Tuesday - but, it's a new school and I'll have lots of crapola to learn and deal with. Yikes!

We're going camping tomorrow. Or as a co-worker calls it - Glamping. Glamour Camping. The camping expert friends we are going with are bringing a tent for us, pitching it, bring all of the food and COOKING it as well. Nice. We're camping up by Pointe Rayes - how cool to camp at the ocean? We spent some time at the Atlantic Ocean this summer, now it's time to spend some time on the Pacific.

I do have to say, this has been quite an adventure filled summer. I don't feel like we had ANY down time. And the pool has totally rocked our world - I don't know how we lived without it.

That's all for tonight.

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