Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Jasmine and Update

The Update part that not too many people care about - Prissy went to her new doctor today and had a physical. She's all healthy. Not too skinny, not too fat. She can stop taking some of her daily asthma meds because she never has an asthma attack. If she starts to have them, she'll go back on the daily asthma meds. Fortunately, she's never sick, so she never really has to go to the doctor. Unfortunately, this sort of means I've neglected her physicals (because kids ALWAYS GET sick when they go to the doctor), but more unfortunately, I've missed some of her immunizations. So, she had to get FOUR shots today. Yowza... She handled it like a champ though. The doctor is wonderful. And she is now fully immunized and can start public school next week. :D The coolest part? The doctor rocked. And it's so close to home. (the kids other doctor was an hour away.) Now, it's Bubba's turn. Fortunately - he's fully immunized.

On other notes - Jasmine our kitten is a bit of a water freak. She LOVES to play in the water. Every morning while I'm getting ready, I turn on the water for her so she can just play. This is what my mornings look like while I'm putting on makeup - what a pleasant way to get ready for work.


Sam said...

How bizarre!!! I don't know many cats that will willingly get wet!!

Sam said...

I looked at the comment and thought, "Did I already comment?" Duh. The other Sam. Your cat is a freak. An adorable freak. Dude tries to exclusively drink out of the sink, but he prefers to keep his body dry.