Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Bunch of Nothing

Today was busy - but filled with a bunch of nothing. I am in the process of transferring domains. So, if you find me through, you might not be able to fnd me for 24-48 hours. Sorry 'bout that. Yahoo raised their domain prices to more than double what I was paying before, so I needed to rehost. But, it'll take some time.

ANYHOO - Bubba and I went to Taekwondo today, and Hubby went to his football draft. Last night he went to a softball board meeting. Did I mention that he's on the board for the Rocklin Girls Fast Pitch Softball League? Oh, I didn't? So, I'm on the board for Prissy's baton (so much easier than Softball - we have 10 girls as opposed to 500.) And neither of us are any boards for Bubba. The deal is that Prissy LOVES her sports - and Bubba sort of just tolerates his sports. I'm not sure sports will be his thing, he doesn't really have an excitement or passion for anything yet. Which is ok - I just want him to have his own thing that he really really enjoys.

And, I got a pedicure today. It was wonderful. However, my front yard is currently a disaster - and I should have spent some time in the front yard. Since we no longer have gardener weeds have taken over completely on the postage stamp size of land we can grow stuff on. I have some serious work to do tomorrow... Ugh... But, at least my toes look pretty. :D

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