Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Surprise

I worked from home today. It's always nice to work from home sometimes. We had to leave at 10:30 because the house cleaners came - but we went to Walmart and got school supplies and then got lunch.

Anyway, Bubba's soccer practice got cancelled because it's too hot and the air is too polluted, but about 5pm Bubba's coach calls (he and his wife have been our kid's coaches for years and they are friends of ours) and asks if his son can come over for awhile because he has some things that he had to do sans-child.

I immediately said yes! I was actually really honored that he asked us. We don't have many friends in Rocklin - especially kid friends. And the fact that he thought of us at all was pretty awesome! We're hoping we make more connections since our kids will be going to school in Rocklin this year. But, Bubba was thrilled that his friend was coming over. Prissy was thrilled to be away from Bubba for awhile. And I was thrilled that the kids would play for awhile and stop bickering.

Anyway, fun was had by all. The End.

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