Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before I Die List

I have my things to do before I die list. The list itself is not completed. But, I was able to update a few things. (yes, it isn't quite in order - the things that are done were taken out of the list and put at the bottom.) Am I missing anything? I still have 11 more items to add to my list. As I add to it, I realize that I have duplicates. If you find any, please let me know. :)

100 Things I want to do before I die

02. Earn a Black Belt
03. Run (or walk) a marathon
04. See Great Wall of China
05. Volunteer in a Women's Shelter
06. Go to Australia
07. Start my own business.
08. Have a total net worth of $1M
10. Be my own boss.
11. Parasail
12. Write a book.
13. Plant a Garden
14. Plant an orange tree.
15. Learn basic Italian,
16. Be able to do 30 "real" pushups
17. See the egyptian pyramids.
18. Go Kayaking.
19. Scuba Dive
20. Ride a bike a significant distance
21. Hike Half-dome
22. Try to surf.
23. Witness a salmon spawning
24. Visit Every State in the US.
25. Ride in a hot air balloon.
26. Ride a Camel.
27. Have a girls-only weekend at a spa.
28. Join a bunco group.
29. Take tap dancing lessons.
30. Have at least one blog site ask me to be a contributing author.
31. Grow my hair long at least one more time.
32. Learn how to really use Photo Shop
33. Learn how to really use Pinnacle.
34. Host a fundraising event for the foundation for fighting blindness.
35. Make people more aware of food allergies.
36. Learn joomla.
37. Declutter, organize and redecorate my house.
38. Have my children grow up to be non-dependant adults
39. Learn to take better pictures.
40. Get my public notary certification
41. Become PMP certified.
42. Learn how to use a serger.
43. Sew something useful on a serger.
44. See the Grand Canyon.
45. Find 1000 geocaches.
46. See a TV comedyshow being taped live.
47. Host a dinner party
48. Create a picture scrapbook of both kids from birth to their current age.
49. Successfully grow bonsai trees.
51. See the aurora borealis.
54. Develop a production website for a business.
55. Complete my list of 100 things to do before I die.
56. Ride a motorcycle.
57. Exercise Regularly
58. Swim with the dolphins
59. Speak in front of 100 people or more
61. Learn to use Microsoft Expression
62. Change my own oil.
63. Learn how to tile (and tile bathroom)
64. Zipline
65. Ride in the St. Louis Arch with my kids.
66. Learn PHP and MySQL
67. Post on my blog for 365 days
68. Attend a professional baseball game with my family
69. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley
70. Visit every continent in the world.
71. Ride on a sailboat.
72. Catch a fish with my kids and eat it.
73. Volunteer at my kids school - and actually make a difference.
74. Go to Alaska
75. Dye a part of my hair pink or red or blue or orange
76. Paint a picture
77. Tell a manager to take this job and shove it.
78. Email 10 friends from high school that I have lost touch with
79. Do cartwheels in the rain
81. Teach my kids how to cook.
82. Ride and elephant
83. Swim with dolphins
85. Go to Yosemite.
86. DUPLICATE!! Visit Every State in the US.
87. Find a Geocache in every state in the US.
88. Run an entire 5K Race (extra points - do it with Prissy.)
89. "Touch" every ocean in the world - Pacific and Atlantic done.
DONE 01. Get a Masters Degree - DONE
DONE 09. Own a house with an in-ground pool. DONE
DONE 50. Go to Italy - DONE
DONE 52. Play in the rain with my kids. ON THE BEACH EVEN!!
DONE 53. Go camping with the family and tell stories around the camp fire. DONE
DONE 60. Make smores with my kids. DONE
DONE 80. Roast Marshmellows with my kids. DONE
DONE 84. Boogie Board. DONE


Sam said...

Typo on #82. If you want to guest post on my blog about food allergies you can cross off two numbers! (If that counts of course)

Hecticmom Undone said...

DOH! I'll fix the typo thanks - I'm going to RIDE AND elephant. :)

Are you serious about the food allergy guest blog?

That would be super cool.

Shonda Little said...

If you want to write random cuss words, you can totally guest post on my blog, especially if said cussing is directed toward husbandy people or childreny people.

The list is a great idea. I laughed at declutter house. I wouldn't put that on my list because I know it will never get done.