Thursday, August 28, 2008

Itchy What?

I haven't posted an embarrassing hecticmom story in a little while. But, it's because there are so many I can't keep track I'm usually so perfect.

Anyway, allow me to set the stage. I'm walking to the cafeteria for coffee this afternoon with 5 or 6 people - one woman and the rest men - all of which report to me (or have reported to me in the past.) It's been really really hot here - the super dry heat makes my eyes dry and itchy. So, we're walking and all sort of talking and I'm rubbing my eyes.

Out of my mouth escapes the words:

"Man, I have itchy 'balls."

Yes, yes, that IS what I said. And it was certainly a conversation stopper. Then I laughed so hard I almost gave myself an asthma attack.

Yeah, I'm cool like that.