Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Years

backtoschool 033

This picture was taken 10 years (and a few days) ago. While, the quality is truly horrible (it's a picture of a picture) it still brings back some really nice memories.

We had a rather nontraditional wedding - we decided to have a pot luck wedding. We had been living together for quite some time and didn't need all the regular "stuff" that newlyweds need. So, instead of stuff - we asked our friends and family to help us to celebrate our wedding by bringing us their favorite potluck dish. There was SO MUCH FOOD. Oh, and the food was absolutely wonderful.

The day was very hot, but it turned cooler as the evening went on and it ended up raining after the ceremony (which was outside), but we were all dry and comfortable at the reception which was inside. You have to realize that it doesn't rain in the summer in Sacramento - so this rain was quite the surprise.

We had a DJ / singer - who was totally hitting on one of my friends. That was weird. But, he sang well and played good music.

Anyway, I was looking at posting a picture today and this is the one that caught my attention. I can't believe how much younger we both looked. Man - what two kids and working full time will do to a person. *LAUGH*

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