Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kitty Pictures

I decided to post some pictures tonight - just because.

I know I always appreciate some random pictures from the blogs that I read:

Jasmine is getting SO BIG! She's a sweet and pretty chillax kitten. Although, compared to Oreo's babyhood - I think anything would be considered chillax.
cross_country 031

We went to dinner last night and had to wait a bit. I happened to have my camera with me so I snapped some photos:
cross_country 029

And Mr. Not-happy-to-have-picture-taken:
cross_country 030

Hubby's backyard landscaping is looking really pretty:
cross_country 028

cross_country 027

I think we need to get Oreo to lay off the kitten food:
cross_country 004

Jasmine doesn't always love it when Prissy holds her but sometimes "allows" it:
blackbelt 005

Finally - the kitties still love each other and often sleep in each other's embrace:
kitties 005

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