Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Black Belt Testing

Bubba tests for his black belt on Monday. MONDAY!!!! He has worked for almost 3 years to get to this point. He's been going in for the last couple of weeks to get some additional tutoring. And he has been working like crazy on his board breaks. If he cannot break his boards he does not get a black belt.

He has known his forms, his self defense, his weapon, and totally rocked on one board break, but the other he just couldn't get. Out of about every 40 tries he would break. That is not good. So, they changed his kick (to a kick that is actually harder) and he totally smacks right through that board. YAY BUBBA!!!

He has been saying that he wasn't going to pass. But, last night after he broke his side kick consistently he said, "I'm totally getting my black belt!" So, we are all super excited. He still has to break it, but at least he CAN break it.

After he becomes a black belt - we will have to call him Mr. Lastname. Well, with our last name not the word lastname silly. We won't be able to call him Bubba in the dojo any more. *LAUGH* And if all goes as planned - Hubby and I will test for our black belts in February or March. Bubba said today, "If I want a piece of gum I'm going to have to say 'Can I have a piece of gum Mrs. Lastname'" and then just cracked up.

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