Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is it Over Yet?

Holy SHIT! I can't wait until this week is over. I think this may be the longest week in history.

It's Thursday night right? That means I'm almost done? Please? PLEASE!!!!

No downtime at all until Sunday...

So, tomorrow - I'm working from home because my children have too many freaking appointments and shit to do tomorrow... (man, I'm saying shit alot - I must be angry.) Prissy and I will get up before the sun comes up to do our running (why the hell did I start this?) Then, I send the kids off to school and I have a TON of work to do tomorrow. Then, as soon as Prissy comes home she needs to go to get her first set of allergy shots. OUCH! But, they want her there for at least an hour. Nice. So, Hubby has to take her, because Bubba has a physical with his new doctor. After Hubby finishes at the allergist - he is going to bring her over to the pediatricians office so she can have her blood drawn - more allergy testing for the dreaded peanut.

Then, we go home and Prissy goes to soccer practice, then I go to Taekwondo - THEN I'M HAVING MULTIPLE GLASSES OF WINE!

OH, but crap, I have to get up REALLY early on Saturday because Bubba has a soccer game, then the boys (Hubby and Bubba) have haircuts, then Hubby and I have Taekwondo, THEN we go to Prissy's soccer game when it is at the time in the afternoon when hell has exploded onto the soccer field. It'll be so damn hot. THEN - we go to the other place of hell - called Chucky Cheese with Bubba's taekwondo buddy to celebrate their black belts.

Then, Sunday morning is a beautiful run with Prissy. I then have to fight the walmart crowds for groceries and then - Finally - in all it's glory I'll be able to sit down for a few minutes before I have to make dinner. Shit - I'll just have to go back to work on Monday...

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