Monday, September 8, 2008

Mama of a Black Belt

Tonight - I am the mother of a black belt. I am so incredibly and completely proud of my son. He has spent the last three years training - and worked so incredibly hard these past two months taking private lessons in preparation of his black belt testing. It's a huge deal to work for something for such a long time and achieve a goal that not everyone achieves.

However, after he was done, he said very loudly, "I CAN NOW QUIT TAEKWONDO!!!" *laugh* I guess he's done. But, he made it!

Here are a few pictures of tonights testing and black belt ceremony:

Waiting to do his form:
blackbelt 009

Getting REALLY REALLY nervous:
blackbelt 017

Doing form with taekwondo buddy and nailing the form (great backstance with square block):
blackbelt 019

Perfect leaning back and hand position for the side kick in his second form:
blackbelt 024

Weapons form with the scythe:
blackbelt 029

Self Defense (looks like his buddy got hit in the side of the head):
blackbelt 038

Getting ready for his board breaks and feeling good about being done with the forms:
blackbelt 043

Asking permission to do his board breaks - this is a pretty cool picture to look at. You can see the one board with the two guys with their back to the camera, and the other board and Bubba reflected in the mirror:
blackbelt 049

This is my absolute favorite picture of the night (and maybe of any Taekwondo picture of Bubba and maybe even my favorite picture of Bubba) Look at him yelling, his belt flying, with his foot just busting that board right in half. ROCK ON!
blackbelt 050

Beginning of the ceremony:
blackbelt 053

Bubba lighting his candle at the ceremony:
blackbelt 061

Ceremony candidates - this is the first "graduating" class of the school:
blackbelt 071

The head instructor tying Bubba's new belt on him:
blackbelt 088

My proud boy:
blackbelt 092

Picture with his Taekwondo Buddy. We have become good friends with his family. This little boy's dad is also in classes with us. We have a good time and go out to dinner when we can. The mom went to the same graduate program I went to - we were just a few semesters apart. Aren't these just such cute boys?:
blackbelt 094

Mommy and Bubba. Horrible picture of mommy - great picture of Bubba:
blackbelt 095

Bubba's super awesome instructors:
blackbelt 096

blackbelt 097

blackbelt 098

Congratulations Bubba! I know you worked really hard for this!

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