Friday, September 26, 2008


Today - I feel really undone.

Which - is a common feeling for me. But, today is a little bit stronger than normal. No particular reason. Just feeling a lot unbalanced with work and family.

I forgot today was crazy hair day. While I won't take total responsibility - because my kids forgot too - I still feel bad. Bubba was SO UPSET when he remembered (after we got to school this morning.) Prissy really didn't care.

This afternoon, I took Prissy to get her allergy shots. It's not terribly far, but it's not just down the street either. When we got there, they wouldn't give her her shots because she has a cough. She has a cough because she has fucking allergies - that is WHY SHE IS GETTING SHOTS! But, I held my tongue - and tried to explain it to them. They didn't care and sent us away.

Prissy had soccer practice and I was working and Bubba comes and says - "Doesn't Prissy's practice start at 5?" It was 4:57 - so she threw on all her stuff. A redeeming fact is that her soccer practice is just across the street.

On the positive side - tonight, Hubby went over to a friends house to play Rock Band. I'm sort of excited because I'm making chocolate chip cookies (from cookie dough from the pizza place) and I'm going to read - without freaking interruption tonight. I will also drink wine. Chocolate chip cookies and Chardonnay - can't get much better than that. Too bad it's already 9:30.

Tomorrow is a day of soccer and taekwondo. I have snack duty tomorrow. Ugh... We may not make it on time to Taekwondo - but I certainly hope so - because I haven't had a chance to go all week.

Oh - did I mention I'm going to Italy in 3 weeks. I should be excited, but I'm not. It's for work. I need to call the doctor to get my perscription on Xanax refilled - the only time I need relaxants is when I'm on plane trips longer than 4 hours. Just can't freaking handle it.

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Karla May said...

God what IS it with this fall? I feel like I could've easily written that entry. I too am up to my eyeballs in it, and I feel like I'm one minute away from a complete breakdown all the time.

I can't remember the last time I was able to truly and completely relax. I don't even know if I'd know how to.

But on the upside, you've got ITALY to look forward to. Freakin' ITALY! Lucky bitch.