Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Like a Good Neighbor

We moved into our house in 2000. Our neighbors on either side of us moved in a year after we arrived. Our across the street neighbors have been there since before we moved.

Saying that - we really don't know any of them. Last year when we went to Hawaii, we reached out to our across the street neighbors (who had two high school girls) to help out with our cats after our cat-sitter left us in the lurch. And we have a friendly - "Hey, HowAreYa" type of relationship.

Our other across the street neighbors - they have two kids - a boy Prissy's age and a boy Bubba's age. The mom and I were both pregnant at the same time. We both brought baby gifts to each other when our youngest sons were born. You would think that we would be the best of friends. But, we haven't really spent much time together.

When the kids went to their previous schools we didn't get home until late and we had "stuff" every night, blah blah blah. Our paths just haven't crossed. Well, Bubba and their youngest son are in the same class. And they are the bestest friends ever. I'm going to give the kid a name - I'm going to call him Montana - because he's like Joe Montana - the kid is going to be a football star someday.

Anyway, the boys have play together and gone to each other's house (which I think is SO COOL) and today Montana came over because his after-school babysitter had something going on. He's a really good kid, and the boys did their homework and then played. But, it felt like I was actually being a good neighbor. I know that sounds totally weird - but I've always had a lot of guilt about it. I'm sort of the shut-in of the neighborhood. Now, I'm actually starting to know my neighbors.

After almost 9 years.

No one said I warm up quickly.

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