Saturday, September 20, 2008

It Is Alive!!

The website for our baton team is alive. If you are interested the production site is here: I still want to add somethings to it, but I love that I can have public vs. registered users.

Soccer update - Bubba totally scored two goals today. He just took the ball and ran it around everyone and scored. Both times. It was awesome. So far this season, he has scored (or gotten credit for) a goal in every game. That's dang good. Today Prissy didn't score a goal - this is the first game she hasn't scored in. She did get kicked in the knee HARD and had to be carried off the field sobbing. That wasn't so good - but she was ok. On the upside, it was an absolutely gorgeous day - perfect for soccer. Sunny, cool - just a perfect day.

And the last thing I did was play the new game Spore this evening. It's a little bit addictive. I'm more of a blogger than a gamer - but this one sucked me in for almost an hour tonight and I'm ready to play some more. :)

But, I have blogs to read and a bed that is calling my name - we stayed up pretty late last night and then got up early for Bubba's game. So, I want to go to bed at a reasonably decent hour.

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