Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Taekwondo All Week Long

Tonight - the night after Bubba received his black belt - Hubby and I tested for our red belts. We both passed! Yay! I was actually a little worried today - we've spent so much time getting Bubba ready that I was afraid that I might not have done enough practice myself. But, actually, I think I did better than normal. We've had a lot of Taekwondo recently, so we were quite prepared.

So - the next black belt will be Hubby and I. We are about 6-9 months away from our belts.

Prissy has decided that she wants to run on her school's cross country team. It's an incredibly short season (I think 4 meets over the next month.) She will have to run a mile - which she can already totally do because we've been training! WE ROCK! We tried to talk her out of it - because holy christ it's yet another sport - but it's so short that it should be just fine.

Ok - I have some volunteer work to get done for Bubba's class - so I'm out!

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