Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quick Post

This is just a quick post - I'm so grateful today is over. I'm sleeping in tomorrow. Prissy and I both have a sore throat and Hubby is leaving tomorrow on a business trip.

We just returned from Chuck E Cheese's - I don't think there are many places on earth that I dislike more. It was a party for Bubba and his Taekwondo Buddy. The Taekwondo instructors showed up and it was very nice of them.

Bubba had a soccer game today and they totally and humiliatingly destroyed the other team. Bubba's team won 14 to 0. After the first 5 goals in the first quarter of the game, our coach started pulling the kids out. He was playing our 5 boys against 7 of them. We were still killing them. So, then, the coach put all but one boy in the backfield and just one forward (that means 7 of their kids against a single-solo player on our team) and we were STILL scoring. It was just embarrassing. Every boy on Bubba's team scored today. It was crazy.

Prissy's game was more evenly matched. Prissy's team won 3 to 0. Prissy scored a goal and assisted on another. It was a much more exciting game to watch.

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