Thursday, September 4, 2008

Big Lump of Unmotivated

I found this online - it is not mine - I stole it - but I do not take credit for it either. It looks like Mr. Sisson did it, or Mr. Sisson is the name of blob dude. But, I digress...

This could be my self portrait today. I feel like a big lump of blah. I should be working on the baton team's website. But, I can't get motivated for that. Even writing this blog entry feels like a task on my to-do list today. I didn't get up to run this morning (deciding instead to do it tomorrow.) I have slept horribly the last two nights and I'm just really tired.

Hubby is sick and I do not want to follow. We are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary tomorrow, and we have a babysitter scheduled on Saturday - so I am hoping with all my might that we are both healthy enough to go. We have never had a babysitter. We were going to a fancy restaurant! And dressing up! With Nice clothes and everything! I'm also hoping that Hubby's sickness doesn't transfer to Bubba and that Bubba stays healthy for Monday's black belt testing. After Tuesday night he can get sick - he just has to stay healthy for the next week. *sigh*

So, look at the picture once again - and think that is me!

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