Sunday, September 28, 2008


You never know what you'll see in the walmart parking lot. Sorry the
picture isn't centered. It was very bright and I couldn't see the

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Walmart. I love that regular stuff that I get anywhere else is SO.MUCH.CHEAPER... I save at the very least $100 a week. That really adds up - yo. But, damn, that place is SO crowded. Today - they were out of carts. There were so many people in the store - that all the carts were gone. Dang. The place was PACKED.

I did see a dear friend there though - she warned me of a shopper in lane 3 whose child had an extremely dirty diaper - apparently, people were avoiding the dirty diaper lady and her kid because they were STINKY. On my wonderful trip, there was the woman who I was shopping near whose child-big-enough-to-know-better had a whistle. This little shit didn't stop whistling. At all... non-stop... my ears were bleeding... It was horrible... The mom asked him to stop over and over. And then just covered her ears. You could hear the damn whistle from aisles away. They were near me the entire 2 hours I was in Walmart. They even followed me out to the parking lot. I swear to Gawd - that if I had gotten closer to the kid, I would have shoved the fucking whistle down his throat with a palm-heel strike. KEY-UP!

Screw Tuesdays with Morrie - what about Sundays at Walmart?

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Sam said...

I frequently carry earplugs in my purse for just such an occasion. It may not stop the noise but it does reduce the irritation. That and shoving the whistle down the kid's throat.