Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Allergies ALL OVER!

Poor poor Prissy. She went to the allergist Monday afternoon. Prissy has always had allergies. She has her horrible peanut allergy and also some environmental allergies. She's very sneezy and itchy eyes - especially in the spring. She has taken Zyrtek for years and years. And it works pretty good - but not 100%.

I told the doctor that I didn't want any skin testing because the last time she had skin testing she had an anaphylactic reaction and had to be "rescued." It was horrible. However, we knew her reaction was to peanuts - so they promised not to give her any peanuts. But did want to test her for tree nuts. Apparently only 6% of people with peanut allergies also have tree nut allergies.

So, they did the skin testing - and she is pretty much allergic to everything in the air. Which we sort of knew. She is allergic to dogs. She is also allergic to tree nuts - so it's good that we stay away from all nuts. I think there may be a tree or two that she is not allergic to - oh yeah, she is allergic to dust, but not to dust mites. Go figure. In talking with the doctor, we decided to give allergy shots a try. He said they work especially well on pollen allergies - so, we'll try. He also changed her to Singulair - which I know a lot of people really like (and I will watch her very closely for depression - I know that can be a side effect.)

So, we still need to get her tested for peanuts - which we will do through a blood test and they will also test for the tree nuts - we will compare that with the skin test - to give a good indication of where we really are with peanuts.

I feel bad that she has to get allergy shots - but, I think it will be good in the long run.

We also took the kids to the dentist today - no cavities, but Bubba needs sealants and he will likely need Phase 1 braces. Prissy however looks like her braces did an awesome job and she will likely NOT need Phase 2 braces. Yay!

Now that I have bored you to tears - that is enough about the medical-ness of my children.

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