Friday, February 22, 2008

Annoying Coughing

Let me mention first, that I work in a cublicle environment. We have tiny tiny cubes. To make it more appealing, they make them gray. With half of the flourescent lights turned off. You can hear the person next to you breathing, typing, burping, farting and being. You know the most intimate details of their lives... The fights they have with their wives (not husbands, because there are very few women). You can hear when someone is talking to their lawyer because they are in the midst of a divorce. You know the entire plans of someone's life - whether you want to or not.

There is a guy who sits next to me and he has had this cough since the end of December. It has recently progressed to being a REALLY BAD COUGH... Some people are worried about him, I'm just fucking annoyed. I have told him to go to the doctor on multiple occasions. I should mention - he doesn't stop coughing. He says he doesn't feel bad - but he doesn't ever stop coughing - EVER. I'm not even sure when he breathes. It's so distracting and annoying that I'm about to kill him. I've brought him cough drops - and I continue to BEG him to see a doctor. He assures me that he doesn't have time (because he's so important and busy at work - give me a break.) But, his not having time is distracting enough where it's impacting ME DAMNIT!!! BECAUSE YOU KNOW - IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT ME!!! Anyway, Monday's and Tuesday's I don't spend any time in my office - so, I won't have to listen, but if he still has this cough on Wednesday - I'm dragging him to an Urgent Care clinic.

Ugh! He is teaching me some strong lessons about taking care of yourself for the sanity of others.

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