Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can We Live on Only One Salary?

This is the question I have been playing over and over and over in my head. We are going to do a "trial run" to see if it's feasible. We are going to put my paycheck into a separate account and take out the kids private school expense and the housecleaners and put that in our normal account - because that will go away if I quit my current job. By the way, I'm not quitting my job any time soon (if it's at all possible.) We will wait at least 6-9 months before we make a decision. We are just trying to see if it's even remotely possible. However, since I've started on my cost consciousness - I realize we spend a LOT of money unnecessarily. Like at lunch, and dinner, and just random crap that I don't think twice about.

So, with our experiment, if we realize that we spend more than we would potentially take in - ok, we either need to figure out more cost cutting or realize that we just can't do this. And we still have the money sitting in a saving's account and we can go on a kick ass vacation - which I'll desparately need knowing that I have to continue to work for nib... Or if we figure out that we can do it - we'll have this little bit of extra money - just in case. So, regardless, it doesn't hurt to have this extra savings account.

We will know in 6 months if we really can live on one salary.

Am I boring you yet? I'm completely baffled by people who live on one salary. I just don't know how they do it. Today, a friend and I were trying to come up with cool part time jobs that I could so while the kids were at school - he suggested that I go into phone sex. I have been told that I have a sexy voice (although, when told by your co-workers that your Italian partners think this, it is a little disturbing.) So, that could be lucrative. I LOVE LOVE LOVE interviewing people - so maybe I could do some local headhunting/recruiting - also lucrative. I used to be a real live programmer before I sold my brain to the devil to become a manager, so it's also possible that I brush up on my skills and do some contractual web development of some sort. Oh, I could sell web ads on my blog - that'd net me maybe $.16 a month. Maybe I can be like Suzanne and try out to be a dead body on Law and Order. That would be cool too! Any other fun jobs that can be done in 2-3 hours during the day? (It would be really awesome if I could make $50K from working 15 hours a week! It would solve all of my problems. But, I draw the line at prostitution and stripping. I'm just too old for that right now, and I think I wouldn't make much from it - cause I'd probably really suck (no pun intended.)

Man, I haven't even really been drinking tonight either. See what hope does to a person?

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