Monday, February 25, 2008

Okey Doke

Alright -

So my first proposal flopped... That's ok... I'm ok with it... REALLY!! WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT??!! I'M FINE!!! I REALLY AM!!!

Actually, I really am. I haven't given up on my dream to quit my job and do contract work from home. Honestly, I'm more excited than ever about it. I think my kids will benefit, and I think I will benefit. I've been so pro-woman working in tech for so long, it sort of feels like a defeat. But, maybe I'm just accepting my fate.

My dear friend (who's life has mirrored mine) recently was pushed out of her job and she is loving life as being a contractor and a mom. I really think I would too.. I still don't know if we can swing it. Can I live life without my random spending? What if I want the next super awesome iphone? I won't be able to get it... Am I ok with that - really?

My day started with a meeting with nib (new italian boss) and it wasn't horrible. However, I didn't really care what the outcome of the meeting was. It was more of informational sharing and it went very well. I think my team does things better, but I really listened to what he had to say. Maybe that's all he wants.. Can I make the next 6 months tolerable? Absolutely. So, I'm not quitting yet. It still sounds really lovely however.


Suzanne said...

I don't know anything about the job market by you, but is there another company in which you might apply to work? It seems like much of the problem is your idiot boss, so if you got a new job, you might not have to sacrifice anything.

Suzanne said...

Getting laid off from WorldCom right before Christmas in 2002 was the 2ND BEST THING that's happened to me (that I thought would kill me if it ever happened.) I'm single with 3 kids at home (then, only 2 now), I have a mortgage and now no JOB???!!! AAAACCCCKKKK!!!!

Well, guess what. It's now 5 years later, I still don't have a job and not only do I have a mortgage, but I've added a car payment to the mix.

I've scaled back on nothing except eating out - that is truly a special occasion now, which now that I think about it, has been really good for us health-wise, too.

The most amazing thing I've learned? How much money a family can piss away on nothing each month!!